Gifting Shares, ETFs, and Mutual Funds on FYERS

What is the procedure for the gifting of shares/ETFs/mutual funds in FYERS?

Gifting securities is an excellent way to share your investments with friends or family. Here’s how you can gift shares, ETFs, or Mutual Funds on FYERS:

If the Giftee has a FYERS Account:
  1. Initiate the Gift: Go to ‘My Account’, and navigate to 'Gifts'.
  2. Identify the Giftee: Input the recipient's PAN or registered mobile number and click ‘Continue’.
  3. Verify Giftee Details: Check the giftee’s details (displayed partially for security) and confirm by clicking ‘Continue’.
  4. Select Securities to Gift: Your holdings will be listed. Choose the specific securities and quantities you want to gift and proceed.
  5. Personalize Your Gift: Review your gift details, add a personal message, and click ‘Continue’.
  6. Authorize the Transaction: Post-market hours, you'll receive a CDSL authorization link via SMS and email. Click on the link and authorize the transaction using the OTP sent to you.
  7. Transaction Initiation: Once authorized, your gift transaction will be initiated.
  8. Check Status: To track the gift, click on ‘Status’ tab. You'll see updates until the giftee successfully receives it.
If the Giftee doesn’t have a FYERS Account:
  1. Attempt to Gift: Follow the initial steps as above, entering the giftee's PAN or mobile number.
  2. No FYERS Account Notification: If the giftee isn’t a FYERS client, you’ll be notified.
  3. Refer the Giftee: Fill in the giftee's details to refer them to open an account with FYERS.
  4. Account Opening and Mapping: Once the giftee opens an account, it will be linked to you. You can then initiate the gifting process as outlined above. To know more about the refer and earn, click here.
This process ensures a smooth and secure way to gift securities to your loved ones, making your gift a truly valuable one.

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