What is the maximum amount I can place per order in FYERS?

What is the maximum amount I can place per order in FYERS?

At FYERS, the Maximum limit set is ₹4.5 crores per order. If you're trying to place an order beyond the ₹4.5 crores limit, the order will be rejected and you'll get the below error:

"RED:RULE:{Single Order Value}Current:INR 82472500.00 Set:INR 45000000.00 for C-{Your Client ID} [FYERS_RISK_CUG]"

However, to avoid such scenarios you can place your desired order using 'Basket order' seamlessly. For instance, using the above error message, the order value is ₹5 crores can be split into 2 legs of ₹2.5 crores each and added to the basket.

For more information on how to place basket order, refer to this article.
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