Transferring Shares via CDSL Easiest on FYERS: Step-by-Step Guide

How to transfer shares using CDSL Easiest via FYERS?

Transferring shares from your FYERS account to another Demat account using CDSL Easiest can be accomplished in a few steps. Follow our guide below:
  1. Login to CDSL Easiest (refer to this article) and navigate to the 'Transaction' section. Here, select ‘Setup’.
  2. Opt for ‘Bulk Setup’, followed by ‘Transaction’. Input the desired execution date and provide the Beneficiary Owner ID (BOID) of the account you wish to transfer shares to.
  3. Search and select the ISIN related to the shares you plan on transferring. Specify the quantity and from the drop-down menu, pick the reason for the trade.
  4. Proceed by clicking ‘Submit’. Subsequently, opt for ‘Verify’. Ensure you review the summary of the transfer request meticulously. For off-market transactions, keep the fields associated with the exchange and market type blank.
  5. Finalise the process by selecting ‘Commit’. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile and email. Input this OTP and also provide your CDSL Easiest PIN - an 8-digit alphanumeric code that was shared on your registered email ID during your CDSL Easiest registration.
  6. Post these steps, your share transfer request gets recorded and awaits confirmation from your DP (Depository Participant). To monitor the status or updates related to your request, you can revisit CDSL Easiest.

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