Resetting or Changing Trading Password at FYERS

How can I reset or change my Trading password on FYERS?

At FYERS, we've made the login process simpler and more secure. There's no need to recall passwords. Instead, use either OTP or TOTP for safe access:

  • OTP (One Time Password): A 6-digit code dispatched to your registered mobile and email upon entering your Client ID or Mobile number on the login page. Combine this OTP with your PIN to log in.

  • TOTP (Time-based One Time Password): This is a 6-digit code generated by smartphone apps like Google Authenticator or Authy. First, link your app with your account by scanning a QR code from the My Account section. To log in, enter the TOTP followed by your PIN.

Note: Your account will use OTP for logins as default. If you wish to switch to TOTP, activate it in the Manage Account section within My Account. For a detailed guide on enabling TOTP, refer to this article.

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    • How do I reset or change my back office password in FYERS?

      We offer a universal login, allowing seamless access to the back-office. Simply log into your FYERS account and select “My Account” on the top menu of Fyers Web for direct access. A separate login is not required. For accessing the old back-office, ...
    • How do I change or modify nominee details on FYERS?

      To change or modify your existing nominee details: Obtain the offline Nomination forms. Fill out the form and attach a copy of any one of the following identity proofs: Voter ID Aadhaar Card PAN Passport Ensure the form is filled, signed, and sent ...
    • How many banks can I link with my FYERS trading account?

      Online, you can link up to 3 bank accounts to your FYERS Trading account. However, only one can be designated as the primary account, which will receive dividends and running account settlement credits. For online linking procedures, refer to our ...
    • What is my login ID for trading on NSE/BSE/MCX with FYERS?

      Your Login ID or Client ID remains consistent across all exchanges, be it NSE, BSE, or MCX. FYERS provides you with this unique ID, which is conveyed to you via the welcome kit sent to your registered email address. This ID allows you to: Access ...
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      We have partnerships with 24+ banks for seamless instant payments. If your registered bank isn't on our list, your account details won't show up for the fund transfer option. However, you can still transfer funds using: NEFT/RTGS: Add ‘FYERS ...