Can I apply for OFS in FYERS?

Can I apply for OFS in FYERS?

Yes, you can apply for an Offer For Sale (OFS) through FYERS. 

For the procedure to apply for OFS, refer to this article.

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    • What is the procedure to apply for OFS in FYERS?

      You can bid for the companies that go for Offer For Sale (OFS) through FYERS. The procedure to apply for OFS is as below: Go to FYERS OFS portal and login using your FYERS credentials as shown in the image below: Scroll down, and you will be able to ...
    • Can a retail investor apply for OFS?

      Yes, any Indian citizen who has a Demat account with a brokerage registered with the exchange/s can apply for Offer For Sale (OFS) issues.
    • Can I Pre-Apply for an IPO in Fyers?

      Yes, you can pre-apply for an IPO in Fyers well in advance. The procedure to do so is as below: 1. Login to Fyers IPO portal (If you’ve already logged in to FYERS Web, you’ll automatically be logged in).  2. Click on ‘View Details’ of the IPO you ...
    • How can I apply for IPO using FYERS Demat account?

      ​You can apply for ongoing IPOs using FYERS Demat account through our IPO Portal (UPI) or any Netbanking using ASBA mechanism. Kindly remember that an IPO can be placed directly through the FYERS IPO Portal using UPI ASBA. For more details on how to ...
    • Why is my OFS order rejected?

      Placing an OFS Bid in FYERS is simple. However, your OFS order could be rejected for any of the following reasons: If the price entered is less than the floor price or more than the capped price set by the company. If your KYC details are not up to ...