Resolving 'Client not allowed to trade in NSE Equity' Error at FYERS

Why is my order rejected with the message 'Client not allowed to trade in NSE Equity' and how can I resolve it?

If you receive a rejection message stating, 'Client not allowed to trade in NSE Equity', it typically indicates that your NSE Equity segment is inactive. Most commonly, this arises because you haven't opened a Demat account with FYERS. We suggest you open a Demat account with us, which is absolutely free. To guide you through this process, check out how to open a Demat Account with FYERS.

However, if you've recently joined us and set up an account, the error might be attributed to a delay in Unique Client Code (UCC) mapping from the exchange. We understand how this can be concerning. In such scenarios, please contact us directly at 080-60001111 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We're here to help.