Market Order Rejections in Options Trading

Why is my market order in the options segment rejected?

If you're experiencing rejections of market orders in the options segment at FYERS, it's due to changes in our trading policies. Here's what you need to know:
  1. Current Week/Month Contracts: Market orders are only allowed for contracts that expire in the current week and month. This means if you're trading contracts within these time frames, you can place market orders seamlessly.
  2. Beyond Current Week/Month Contracts: For contracts that expire beyond the current week and month (this includes next week/month and far week/month expiry contracts), market orders are not permitted. In these cases, you are required to place limit orders, setting a specific price limit for your trades.
  3. BSE F&O Contracts: It’s important to remember that market orders are entirely disabled for BSE F&O contracts, regardless of their expiry.
To know about commodity options, refer to this article.

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