Updating PAN, KYC & Nomination for Dematerialization

Why is it crucial to update my PAN, KYC, and Nomination details for dematerializing my physical share certificates?

According to the Securities & Exchange Board of India's circular dated 3rd November 2021, it's mandatory for investors to update their PAN, KYC, and Nomination details by 31st March 2023. This update is essential for smoothly processing various service requests, including:
  • Issuance of duplicate securities certificate
  • Replacement, renewal, or exchange of securities certificate
  • Dematerialization of physical share certificates
  • Rematerialization
  • And other listed services
  • Failure to update these details will either suspend or freeze the Demat Account.
For dematerialization, one needs to submit KYC, PAN, and Nomination details to the specific company's Registrar and Transfer Agents (RTA). If an investor has shares in multiple companies, they need to submit the details to each company's RTA individually.
For instance, if Shruthi wants to dematerialize her Reliance Industries Ltd. share certificates, she must provide the required details to Reliance Industries Ltd.'s RTA. If she has certificates from different companies, she should submit the details for each.

For more information, please refer to this circular.

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