Benefits of Investing in Corporate Bonds

Why invest in corporate bonds?

Corporate bonds come with various advantages for investors:
  • Higher Yields: Typically, corporate bonds offer higher interest rates compared to government securities or fixed deposits. This is attributed to the increased credit risk associated with corporate bonds.
  • Diversification: Incorporating corporate bonds into your investment portfolio can provide diversification, potentially mitigating overall risk.
  • Tax Advantages: Certain corporate bonds, like tax-free bonds from PSUs, come with tax benefits. The interest earned from these bonds is exempted from income tax, making them attractive for individuals in higher tax brackets.

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      Corporate bonds are debt instruments floated by private and public enterprises. They're a method for these companies to amass capital for diverse needs, like infrastructure expansion or business growth. When you invest in a corporate bond, you're ...
    • How can I invest in corporate bonds at FYERS?

      You can invest in corporate bonds through FYERS IPO Portal. The step-by-step procedure is as follows: Access the Fyers IPO Portal: Login to Fyers IPO portal using your FYERS credentials. Choose Your Bond: Browse and pick the bond tagged as 'Debt-IPO' ...
    • What is the minimum amount required to invest in corporate bonds?

      At FYERS, we've made investing in corporate bonds accessible by setting a minimum investment threshold of just ₹10,000. This allows investors to start with a relatively small amount, making it easier for a wider range of investors to participate in ...
    • Can I apply for corporate bonds in the secondary market?

      Yes, with FYERS, you can actively trade corporate bonds in the secondary markets via FYERS trading platforms - Fyers Web, Fyers App, Fyers EA and Fyers Next. Here's how you can seamlessly buy or sell them: Choose Your Platform: Login to - Fyers Web, ...
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      Certainly! Corporate bonds can be pledged through our Pledge portal to get additional margin for trading in the F&O segment. Corporate bonds are treated as cash equivalents and come with minimal haircuts. For a detailed understanding of these ...