FYERS' Balanced Approach to Brokerage and Free Investment Services

Why does FYERS not give zero brokerage for trading?

At FYERS, we prioritize providing our clients with a premium trading experience, which encompasses advanced technological platforms, comprehensive market insights, and exceptional customer support. Our decision to levy a ₹20 brokerage fee per order is central to sustaining these high-quality services.

The choice not to offer free brokerage stems from our understanding of the trade-offs involved. While zero brokerage might seem appealing, it often comes at the cost of service quality or the imposition of hidden fees elsewhere. Our modest fee supports the ongoing development and maintenance of our trading platforms, ensuring they are fast, reliable, and equipped with the latest features to meet our traders' needs.

Moreover, this fee enables us to offer transparent pricing without compromising on the quality or range of services we provide. It covers the costs associated with offering real-time data, sophisticated analytical tools, and around-the-clock customer service—essential components for informed trading decisions and successful trading outcomes.

For a detailed overview of our charges, including the breakdown of trading fees and the investments that are available for free, we invite you to visit our comprehensive charges list here.

In a landscape where the sustainability of zero-brokerage models is increasingly questioned, our approach ensures we can continue to invest in the tools and resources our clients depend on, without cutting corners. We believe in offering value that extends beyond low costs, focusing on the overall trading experience, platform reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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