Why am I not able to place withdrawal request in FYERS?

Why am I not able to place withdrawal request in FYERS?

You may face difficulty in placing a withdrawal request in FYERS due to any of the following reasons:
  1. You don’t have a Demat account along with your trading account. In that case, you need to place the withdrawal request in the ‘old back office’ (Click on Request > Withdraw Funds > View Punch > Enter the amount > Payment) to withdraw funds.
  2. You have insufficient funds in your trading account. You need to check your ledger balance and available margin before placing a withdrawal request.
  3. You have unsettled/used funds, which are funds that are either pending for settlement or used for margin or open positions. These funds cannot be withdrawn until they are settled or released.
  4. You're trying to place a request of an amount higher than the 'Withdrawal Amount.'

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      Your withdrawal request may be rejected due to any of the following reasons: If you are a collateral client (i.e., you've pledged your holdings) and you have open carryforward position/s, your cash balance will be used first to cover the margin ...
    • How much time does it take to process the withdrawal request?

      At FYERS, the withdrawal timings are as follows: Requests placed between 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM will be credited by end of the same day, unless you have any open commodity positions/orders in the MCX segment. In that case, your requests will be credited ...
    • How do I cancel the payout request?

      If you wish to cancel your withdrawal request, you can do it under 'Funds' section in the 'My Account' portal. Go to withdrawal history and click on the '❌' icon as shown in the image below: Upon clicking on the above-mentioned icon, a pop-up would ...
    • How do I modify the payout request?

      You can modify your withdrawal request at ease. 1. After placing a withdrawal request (refer to this article), if you want to modify the amount/bank details, click on the “Pencil Icon” under the heading “Take Actions” as shown in the image below: ​ ...
    • How to check my deposit and withdrawal history in FYERS?

      You can get the deposit history and withdrawal history in the My Account Portal as shown in the GIF below: The step-by-step procedure to check your Deposit and Withdrawal history is as follows: 1. Login to My Account and click on 'Funds' available on ...