Where can I find the list of Cash Equivalent Securities and Mutual Funds?

Where can I find the list of Cash Equivalent Securities and Mutual Funds?

There are around 350+ Securities and Mutual Funds that are considered as cash equivalent by the exchange. These securities will be considered as cash component when trading in F&O Segment.

For Instance, Mr. X has Liquidbees of ₹10 Lakhs in his holdings and wishes to trade in the Index Futures. However, he has zero cash balance. Mr. X can pledge (refer to this article) his Liquidbees to get an additional margin for trading in the F&O segment without adding any extra cash. Please note that cash equivalents are also subject to nominal haircut as per the exchange policies (Approximately 10%).

For the list of securities and mutual funds, click here.

Note: We recommend you to maintain 20% cash margins to meet the MTM losses, if any.

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