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When will stock split reflect in my account?

When a listed company undergoes a corporate action like a stock split, the new shares will appear in your Demat account within one to two working days after the record date. Be aware that during this period, your Notional P&L for those holdings might drop significantly, but it will be adjusted within the given timeline.

Let's say. If 'A Ltd.' announces a stock split in a 5:1 ratio. This means that each share will be split into 5. If Anirban, a client with FYERS, holds 100 shares of 'A Ltd.' priced at ₹1,000 each, post-split, he'll own 500 shares (100 x 5) priced at ₹200 each (₹1,000 ÷ 5). However, these new shares will only be visible in his Demat account 1-2 working days after the record date, which in this instance is 29th December.

It's worth mentioning that with a stock split, the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of the stock also changes. For instance, the stock split of IRCTC Ltd led to an ISIN change:

Till 28th October 2021
From 29th October 2021

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