Activation Day of Free Brokerage Offer for New FYERS Accounts

When is my account eligible for the free brokerage offer?

The moment your FYERS account is fully set up and ready for trading marks the beginning of your eligibility for the free brokerage offer. This means from the very first day your account is operational, you can start trading without worrying about brokerage fees for the next 7 trading days, allowing you to fully explore and engage with the market opportunities available to you.

For example, say your account becomes ready for trading on 1st March 2024. From this date, your 7 trading days of free brokerage begin. If you start trading immediately, any trades executed from 1st to 9th March (assuming weekends are non-trading days) will not incur any brokerage fees, giving you a head start in your trading journey with FYERS.