When can I withdraw the funds after closing the positions and selling the equities?

When can I access the funds after settling my trades and selling shares?

After closing your positions and selling your equities, the amount will reflect under the 'Withdrawable Amount' in the 'Funds' section of the My Account portal on FYERS. The funds from the day's sales or any profits generated will be accessible for withdrawal post the settlement period, which is Trading plus one day (T+1).

For clarity: Let's consider Mr. Abhi's scenario. He had an initial balance of ₹5,000 and equity holdings valued at the same amount. Upon selling his equities on a Tuesday, he anticipated a balance of ₹8,000. However, when he checked the 'Withdrawable Amount' on My Account, it still displayed ₹5,000. This discrepancy arises because the proceeds from the sale undergo a settlement process. Hence, Abhi would need to wait until the next day to request his desired withdrawal.

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