Linking Bank Accounts with FYERS Demat

What types of bank accounts can I link to my FYERS Demat account?

With your FYERS Demat account, you can link:
  • Savings/Salary account
  • Current account
Note: Overdraft (OD) and Cash Credit (CC) accounts can't be linked with FYERS.

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    • How many banks can I link with my FYERS trading account?

      Online, you can link up to 3 bank accounts to your FYERS Trading account. However, only one can be designated as the primary account, which will receive dividends and running account settlement credits. For online linking procedures, refer to our ...
    • Why aren't my bank details visible on the FYERS platform?

      We have partnerships with 24+ banks for seamless instant payments. If your registered bank isn't on our list, your account details won't show up for the fund transfer option. However, you can still transfer funds using: NEFT/RTGS: Add ‘FYERS ...
    • How can I add or update bank account details in my FYERS account?

      Adding a secondary bank account to your FYERS Trading account is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide: Navigate: Sign in to the 'My Account' Portal. Head to the ‘Manage Account’ section. Here, you'll see your current bank details. To add ...
    • How do I add a nominee to my existing Fyers demat account?

      The nominee addition process for your FYERS demat account has been made entirely digital and simple: Access & Navigate: Go to the My Account portal. If there's a 'Online Nomination' pop-up, click 'Proceed to Submit'. If not, select 'Manage Account' ...
    • How can I close my account with FYERS?

      While we suggest keeping your trading account dormant for future trading opportunities, if you choose to close your FYERS trading and demat account, you can do so online: Login: Access the My Account Portal. Navigate: Click on the top left corner ...