What product types can I use to place orders in Fyers?

What product types can I use to place orders in Fyers?

There are various kinds of traders in the market having their styles and trading methods. Therefore, in order to meet all the their requirements, we provide you with multiple options on the order window. Majorly, they are divided into two types:
  1. Intraday
  2. Positional
1. Intraday: Intraday is the product in which both the Buy and Sell-side of the transactions happen on the same day. There are 3 Sub-Products of Intraday that can be placed in Fyers.
a. Intraday
b. Cover Order (CO)
c. Bracket Order (BO)
2. Positional: Unlike Intraday, Only one side of the transaction will happen on a particular date and the other side will occur on a future date. There are 2 Subcategories of Positional Product.
a. Cash N Carry (CNC) - CNC is a product type for Equity Delivery.
b. Margin - Margin is a product type selected for taking overnight carry forward positions in F&O, Currency, and Commodities.
  1. Any F&O orders placed in CNC will be rejected as CNC is exclusively for Equity Delivery.
  2. BO/CO is not available for the Options Segment.
  3. All the Intraday/BO/CO positions will be squared-off 15 minutes before the market's closing.

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