What kinds of bank accounts can I link with my Fyers A/c?

What kinds of bank accounts can I link with my Fyers A/c?

You can link the below-mentioned bank accounts to your Fyers Demat:

  • Savings/Salary account

  • Current account

  • Cash Credit (CC) account

Note: You cannot link Overdraft (OD) bank accounts in Fyers.

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      You can link multiple bank accounts with your Fyers Trading and Demat account and there is no limit to the number of banks you can add. However, only one bank account can be set as the primary account in which you’ll receive: Dividends Running ...
    • What to do if my bank details are not visible in Fyers Platform?

      We are tied up with 24+ banks for instant payments; if your registered bank account is apart from these banks, then your account details will not be visible for fund transfer option through the platform. We request you to use any of the available ...
    • How to add a new bank account in Fyers?

      You can add a secondary bank account to your Fyers Trading account by placing a request in the My Account. The step by step procedure to add secondary bank is as follows: Log in to the My Account Portal and go to the ‘Manage Account’ option; you’ll ...
    • How to renew my Subscription for Fyers One?

      You can renew your FyersOne subscription by writing to support@fyers.in or calling us on 080-60001111, our team will confirm your subscription update immediately. 
    • How to close my Account with Fyers?

      We encourage you to hold your trading account idle instead of closing and it will be convenient for you to resume trading whenever you feel so. If you wish to close your FYERS trading and demat account, you can do it online. The procedure is as ...