Harness the Power of Verified P&L for Transparent Trading

What is verified P&L?

Verified P&L stands for Verified Profit and Loss, which provides an authentic and precise reflection of your trading performance. This data is obtained directly from the 'My Account' section, ensuring its accuracy. It offers a unique feature where you can generate a URL to share your trading track record on social media, enabling you to transparently display your trading journey to your followers.

‚ÄčUtilising verified P&L holds substantial advantages for both professional traders and consumers:
  1. For Traders: It serves as a testament to their trading acumen, enhancing their market credibility. A proven track record can bolster a trader's reputation, potentially attracting clients and followers.
  2. For Consumers: It assures consumers and learners in the stock market that the information they're viewing is factual and reliable. This fosters a better understanding of the markets and aids in informed decision-making.
Addressing the problem of authenticity
Imagine various stock market enthusiasts are flaunting their trading profits on social platforms. A novice, like Mr. Rajesh, might struggle to discern which of these boasts are genuine. Verified P&L acts as a beacon of trust, distinguishing authentic achievers from the rest. It is especially crucial for beginners seeking trustworthy mentors to guide them in navigating the capital markets.
In essence, Verified P&L functions as a reliability filter, helping to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding online financial content creators.

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    • Who can generate the verified P&L?

      If you're a FYERS user with historical trading activity on our platform, you're all set to use our Verified P&L feature! Just log in to the My Account portal and generate your verified P&L.
    • How trustworthy is the verified P&L?

      Rest assured, the data shared through our verified P&L feature is entirely accurate and trustworthy. All information is fetched directly from the broker's backend and is then populated into the shared URL - https://verifiedpnl.fyers.in. This direct ...
    • Can I only share my day's P&L using Fyers verified P&L?

      Of course! With FYERS Verified P&L, you have the flexibility to share your daily, weekly, and monthly P&L. Plus, you can generate a Verified P&L for custom date ranges to share specific periods of your trading performance. For example, Shrini, a ...
    • Can I share P&L from other brokers through Fyers verified P&L?

      Unfortunately, no. The verified P&L feature on FYERS fetches data directly from FYERS' back office, which contains records of trades executed on our platform. We don't have access to your trades or trading details from other brokers. Hence, it's not ...
    • Can I share the screenshot of verified P&L?

      While it's technically possible to screenshot your verified P&L, we strongly advise against it. Screenshots can be easily manipulated or photoshopped, which might mislead your audience. For utmost credibility, always share the direct URL generated ...