What is verified P&L?

What is verified P&L?

Verified P&L provides 100% accurate data of your trading profit and loss fetched from My Account. You can share the URL of the verified P&L with your followers on any social media platform to showcase your trading journey.
Why should I use verified P&L, and what problem does it solve?

It is beneficial from both standpoints, one for professional traders and the second for consumers. Traders can get more credibility in the market, and we as consumers can rely on factual data leading to better stock market understanding and learning.
But how?
Let's say there are multiple stock market enthusiasts who are actively participating in the markets and share screenshots of their profits on social media platforms. Mr. Rajesh, a new entrant to the world of capital markets, looks at all the shared screenshots; however, he is still determining the genuity of these enthusiasts. As beginners, we look for mentors who can teach us how to do things. The verified P&L helps in filtering out fake from the actual content creators.

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    • Who can generate the verified P&L?

      All FYERS users can generate verified P&L provided you've historically traded using our platforms. If you are a FYERS user, log in to the My Account portal and generate your verified P&L. To open a Demat account, click here.
    • Can I edit my verified P&L?

      No, you cannot edit or modify any details in the verified P&L under any circumstances, as it is the factual and accurate data fetched from our Back office.
    • How trustworthy is the verified P&L?

      The data shared through verified P&L is 100% accurate as it is fetched from the broker's backend and is directly populated in the shared URL - https://verifiedpnl.fyers.in.
    • Can I share the screenshot of verified P&L?

      We strongly recommend not sharing screenshots of your verified P&L on social media as it can be easily photoshopped. For authenticity, users must share the URL generated on the verified P&L page.
    • Will verified P&L include the brokerage and other charges?

      No, verified P&L will not include brokerage and other statutory charges. As the intention of verified P&L is to analyze the profit and loss, the displayed information will be your positional P&L and not the net P&L.