Interest Rates for SDL Investments

What is the interest rate for SDL investments?

Interest rates on State Development Loans (SDLs) aren't static. They're ascertained through auctions run by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). While the central bank conducts these auctions biweekly, the precise details and results are accessible on its official website. The determining factors for the SDL interest rate encompass the issuing state government, bond maturity, and prevailing market dynamics. Generally, SDL rates tend to surpass those on government bonds, signifying potentially greater returns, albeit with a heightened credit risk.

For a more vivid understanding, here are some SDL interest rates:
  • 7.42% ANDHRA SDL 2031
    Maturity Date: September 14, 2031
    Interest Rate: 7.42%
  • 7.16% KARNATAKA SDL 2030
    Maturity Date: January 8, 2030
    Interest Rate: 7.16%
  • 8.26% GUJARAT SDL 2031
    Maturity Date: January 13, 2031
    Interest Rate: 8.26%
Please note that these figures are representative and might change over time. For real-time interest rates on SDLs, it's best to refer to the RBI's website or consult the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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