What is the Freeze quantity for currency derivatives?

What is the Freeze quantity for currency derivatives?

There are 4 currency and 3 cross-currency derivatives contracts through which you can trade in forex markets. The Freeze Quantity for all these contracts is set at 10,001 lots per order. Therefore, if you place an order of more than 10,001 lots in a single order, the same will be rejected with an error stating, “Freeze Quantity Limit Exceeded.”

However, you can place an order in excess of 10,001 lots using our Basket Order (refer to this article).

For Instance, if you wish to place an order of 20,000 lots in a USDINR contract, you can divide it into 2 equal parts of 10,000 lots each and add them to the basket. This way you can shoot the order in a single click.

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