Equity Style in FYERS' Portfolio Analyser

What is the Equity style in the portfolio analyser report?

The Equity Style Box is a visual tool, manifested as a nine-square grid, that offers insights into the investment styles of stocks and portfolios. By classifying holdings based on market capitalisation and investment styles, investors can better understand their portfolio's position and its potential risks and returns.

The framework is broken down as follows:
  1. Market Capitalisation (Vertical Axis):
    • Large-Cap: Established and stable companies with a significant market valuation.
    • Mid-Cap: These companies lie between large and small caps in terms of market value.
    • Small-Cap: Younger or niche companies with smaller market valuations.
  1. Investment Style (Horizontal Axis):
    • Value Investing: A strategy targeting stocks priced below their genuine worth, yet fundamentally robust. For value investors, the objective is to anchor the majority of their holdings in such undervalued assets.
    • Growth Investing: Centred on capital appreciation, growth investing seeks stocks, typically in younger or smaller companies, poised for above-average earnings growth relative to their industry or the market at large.
    • Blend Investing: A balanced approach that marries the principles of both value and growth investing, emphasising portfolio diversification.

Based on the Equity Style representation, an impressive 96.76% of the displayed investor's assets are anchored in large-cap stocks. Given that these stocks are priced beneath their intrinsic or book values, the investor's stance can be pinpointed as Large Cap Value Investing.
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