MTM vs. Verified P&L

What is the difference between Mark To Market (MTM) and verified P&L?

Mark To Market (MTM) represents the unrealised daily profit or loss on open positions in the futures segment. It gives an insight into how your positions performed during a particular day. However, it doesn't consider the overall performance of a position over multiple days.

On the other hand, verified P&L provides a comprehensive view of the overall profit and loss of your open positions, irrespective of when they were initiated. It's a holistic representation of your trading performance.

Let’s consider a practical example from a FYERS client, Mr. X, who purchased one lot of Nifty Jan Futures three days ago at 18,000 points. Over the subsequent days, the closing points varied, landing at 17,950 on the third day. While MTM would indicate a day's profit based on the daily closing increase, the verified P&L tells a different story:
  1. Purchase price: 18,000
  2. Closing price on day 3: 17,950
  3. Positional P&L calculation: (18,000 - 17,950) x 50 (lot size) = ₹2,500 loss
This example clearly shows that the verified P&L, accounting for the overall position, indicates a loss, contrary to what the daily MTM figures might suggest.

To make well-informed decisions on FYERS, it is imperative to consider both MTM for short-term insights (intraday) and verified P&L for long-term clarity.

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