What is the difference between Actual price, Absolute %, and Absolute value?

What is the difference between Actual price, Absolute %, and Absolute value?

The pre-set option of Actual price, Absolute %, and Absolute value is to be set for placing Stop-loss/Take profit. 

Actual Price means the stop-loss and take profit has to be set in the real value of the stock.

For example, HDFC Ltd is trading at ₹2346.35, and you’re placing a Bracket order to buy at the market. Let's say you’re expecting to sell it at 2360 (In the case of profit) or 2340 (In the case of losses) then you’ll be required to enter 2360 under Take profit and 2340 under Stop-loss.

Absolute % means the stop-loss and take profit are required to be set in the absolute percentage of the stock.

Let’s consider the same example mentioned above. In this scenario, you’ll have to enter the absolute % as in 4% under ‘Take Profit’ and 3% under Stop-Loss.

Absolute value means the stop-loss and take profit will be set in the absolute points.

As per the above example, you’re required to enter the absolute vaule as in 10 points under Take profit & 20 points under Stop-loss. 

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