What is Open Interest? Does FYERS have any set OI limit?

What is Open Interest? Does FYERS have any set OI limit?

Open Interest (OI) is a number that signifies the number of open Derivatives contracts currently available in the market. The OI is essential since it measures liquidity in the market and enables one to track and predict price changes, allowing you to make informed decisions when investing. 

There is a client-level Open Interest limit of 5%, and the broker-level open interest is set at 15% by the exchange.

For instance, If you (Client) use more than 5% of the total number of all derivative contracts in your trading account, the underlying contract will be disabled for trading at the client level.

If our clients utilize more than 15% of the total open interest in the same underlying contract, the contract will be disabled for trading in FYERS.

Note: Currently, the OI limit is optimal at FYERS, and clients can trade in Deep OTM options without issues.
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