What is Mark to Market (MTM)?

What is Mark to Market (MTM)?

Mark to market is a process by which the profits and losses are continuously calculated based on the current market prices of the security.

Eg: Profit/loss = Sell Price – Buy Price (for Long Entry)

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    • What is a market order?

      A market order is an order to either buy or sell an investment at the best available price in the market at that particular moment in time.
    • Do After Market Orders have to be limit orders (AMO)?

      No! After market orders need not be limit orders. You can place 'Market' Orders in AMO.
    • What are After Market Orders (AMO)?

      After Market Orders (AMO) are placed in the system after the markets are closed for the day. AMO will be executed on the next trading day as per the order type and price mentioned.
    • What is Post-Market and can I place an order during Post-Market?

      Post-Market is the period where the trading activities take place just after the closing of the regular stock market session. Post-market sessions are scheduled between 3:40 PM and 4:00 PM on the trading days for both the National Stock Exchange ...
    • What is the effect of a market order?

      Market orders usually get executed immediately at the best prevailing prices in the market. The investor will not know the exact price at which the order will get executed while placing the order. For instance, let’s assume that the LTP of ABC stock ...