What is 'Invest' option in the FYERS 2.0 App?

What is 'Invest' option in the FYERS 2.0 App?

The ‘Invest’ option in the FYERS app means CNC/Margin. If you wish to place order (All segments) with the intention to hold it for more than a day, you are required to place an ‘Invest’ order.

To know about ‘Trade’ option, refer to this article.


  • It is not mandatory to hold the stock or contract placed under ‘Invest’ for more than a day. You can square-off the open position/s as per your requirement.

  • Clients who are inclined towards BTST must use this product type to place their orders.

  • Intraday square-off timings are not applicable for the ‘Invest’ product.

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