What is Entry load?

What is Entry load?

The non-refundable fee paid to the Asset Management Company at the time of purchase of mutual fund units is termed as Entry Load. Entry Load is added to the NAV (purchase price) when you are purchasing Mutual Fund units.
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    • What is Exit Load?

      The fee paid to the Asset Management Company at the time of either redemption or transfer of units from one scheme to another is termed as exit load. This fee is deducted from the NAV at the time of redemption/transfer of units.
    • Does every mutual fund charge Exit Load?

      No. It differs from one scheme to another.
    • What does repurchase price mean?

      The repurchase price is the price at which a close-ended scheme repurchases its units. Repurchase can either be at NAV or can have an exit load.
    • What does redemption price mean?

      The redemption price is the price received on selling units of the open-ended scheme. If the fund does not levy an exit load, the redemption price will be the same as the NAV. The redemption price will be lower than the NAV in case the fund levies an ...
    • What is Mark to Market (MTM)?

      Mark to market is a process by which the profits and losses are continuously calculated based on the current market prices of the security. Eg: Profit/loss = Sell Price – Buy Price (for Long Entry)