Understanding Offer For Sale (OFS) in the Stock Market

What is an Offer for Sale (OFS)?

An Offer For Sale (OFS) stands as a distinctive chance for all classes of investors to acquire shares of an already-listed company, specifically when a promoter wishes to divest a portion of their stake. This occurs on a designated date and through a distinct procedure divergent from the standard market trading activities. Differentiating from a Follow-on Public Offering (FPO) where firms gather capital via fresh share issuance, OFS gets activated solely when extant shares are presented for sale.
Only promoters or stakeholders commanding more than 10% share capital in an entity can initiate such a proposition. It's imperative to note that the firm's authorized capital remains unaffected by an OFS. Consequently, the total equity shares remain static pre and post the OFS execution. Nonetheless, there are several facets to be vigilant about:
  • An OFS might emerge when the public's shareholding is under 25%.
  • The shareholding matrix undergoes alteration, amplifying the public shares and curbing the promoter stakes.
  • OFS can be a golden chance to capitalize on the prospective growth of a firm.
  • A general trend reveals that entities opting for an OFS typically offer a discount, hovering around 5%.
  • Prospective investors should tread cautiously as OFS might be a strategy by promoters to divest their inflated shares to unsuspecting retail investors.

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