What is an NRO Non-PIS account?

What is an NRO Non-PIS account?

Under the NRO Non-PIS account, an NRI can Buy & hold Equity Shares, Convertible Debentures/Preference shares, Bonds, Warrants, etc., on a non-repatriation basis. All the investments made by the NRI in this account will be considered domestic investments.

The benefits of a Non-PIS account are as follows:

  • PIS letter will not be required to transact in the Indian stock markets

  • Avoids the intervention of the regulatory authorities

  • As it is treated as a domestic investment, there is no upper cap for investing as in the PIS account

  • Can map any registered bank under this account (It need not be a bank tied up with us, i.e., Yes Bank & HDFC Bank)

  • No restriction on mutual funds investments across AMCs in India (Except for the tax residents in USA & Canada)

Points to be remembered as an NRI:

  1. Can trade in Equity F&O through FYERS (Refer to this article).

  2. Currency and Commodity segments are not allowed for trading as per the regulations.

  3. Equity Intraday trading is not allowed as per the regulations..

  4. BTST trades are not allowed as per the regulations.

To initiate the NRI account opening, kindly fill-in your details here.

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