What is Algo Trading?

What is Algo Trading?

Algo trading is a system of trading wherein simple or complex trading strategies are defined into algorithms which can then execute trades on the basis of the predefined parameters. It executes orders using automated or semi-automated pre-programmed trading strategies/logic and performs it with speed & frequency if required.

FYERS API integration will help you execute the buy/sell instructions from your trading strategies in real-time hence, resulting in better and more accurate order execution. While you can build your own algorithm and deploy it to generate buy or sell signals and you will need to obtain necessary approvals from the exchange.

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    • Does FYERS provide any support in setting up my Trading System or Algorithm for Individuals?

      No, we do not provide support in terms of setting up a trading system or coding your algorithms. Since many users are equipped with either the knowledge required to it themselves or get this done from the software developers/coders, we stay away from ...
    • Does FYERS charge any subscription fees for Trading API?

      No, it’s free. You can access our Trading APIs without incurring any fees whatsoever. You can also access Historical Data, Quotes and Market Data for free.
    • What is FYERS API?

      We have launched FYERS trading API mainly to address the unique requirements of the Algo trading community and capital market startups that require trading related functionality without having to set up their own brokerage. With our API, you will be ...
    • What are the salient features of the FYERS API Bridge?

      FYERS API Bridge facilitate you to control all the parameters of the Algo trades at ease. Zero Programming Efforts Order Management Trade Management Risk Management (Trade and Account level) Strategy Management Tradingview Integration through Google ...
    • What is the FYERS API Bridge?

      ​FYERS API Bridge is a lightweight and easy to use portable application. It can be integrated with the FYERS order management engine through our Trading API to place orders or requests from the front-end charting/Algo platform. Here’s a simple ...