What is Additional lumpsum in Mutual Fund?

What is Additional lumpsum in Mutual Fund?

Lumpsum investment refers to the one-time investment in a particular scheme. In other words, investing all the amount in one go is called Lumpsum. 

Similarly, additional lumpsum means investing in any scheme that you have already made a lumpsum investment in. Any lumpsum investment that is made for the 2nd time and thereon in a particular scheme is considered to be additional lumpsum. Generally, the minimum additional lumpsum investment is less than the minimum first investment (Refer to this article). 

For instance, you have made a lumpsum investment of ₹5000 in ‘Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Option’ as ₹5000 is the minimum lumpsum that is required to be invested in this particular scheme. However, after a few days, you wish to invest more in the scheme. Now, you will have an option to invest a minimum of ₹1000 as the additional lumpsum investment as you already have invested in the ‘Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Option’. 

Note: Minimum Additional Lumpsum Investment may vary from one scheme to another.
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