What is a Portfolio Investment scheme?

What is a Portfolio Investment scheme?

Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) is an RBI scheme that enables Non-Resident Indians to buy and sell shares on a repatriation basis in Indian stock markets. 

Important features of a PIS account: 

  • The PIS bank account is used only for investing in Equity delivery in the Indian stock markets

  • NRIs are not allowed to trade or invest in any other segments such as Equity F&O, Currency, Commodities, and Mutual Funds.

  • All the transactions in a Portfolio Investment Scheme account are reported to RBI.

  • Funds can be transferred in foreign currency and are repatriable. 

  • An NRI cannot sell the holdings bought using PIS in a Non-PIS account

You can open both an NRE PIS account and NRO PIS account in Fyers.

To initiate the NRI account opening, kindly fill-in your details here.

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