Understanding Market Orders on FYERS

What is a market order on FYERS and how does it work?

A market order is an instruction you provide to your broker to buy or sell a security at the best available current market price. Prioritising immediate execution, this order type might not guarantee the exact transaction price. As the market fluctuates in real-time, the execution price can be different from the Last Traded Price (LTP) you observe when placing the order.
For example, if stock ABC has an LTP of ₹100, a Best Bid of ₹99, and a Best Offer of ₹101:
  • A market buy order will likely execute at ₹101.
  • A market sell order will likely execute at ₹99.
Note: If securing a specific transaction price is crucial for you, we suggest using limit orders on the Fyers platform instead of market orders.
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