What happens if the orders placed are not completely filled for themes?

What happens if the orders placed are not completely filled for themes?

In the event that orders are not filled due to any issues, you can place fresh orders for those orders which have failed through the thematic platform. Some reasons why orders can fail are as below:

  1. Equity delivery segment not yet enabled / Demat account not activated. 
  2. Lack of liquidity in the respective stocks (If there is no liquidity, order will be canceled).
  3. The stock can be stuck in Upper circuit / Lower circuit.
  4. It can happen if you have sold the stock using an other platform instead of Thematic.
  5. Other operational issues.

You can complete the partially executed themes by modifying the theme and re-attempting to purchase the theme. If you are unable to do so, you can write to us for more help. 

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