What happens if the minimum margin amount is breached?

What happens if the minimum margin amount is breached?

Minimum margin is the margin amount that the investor should have allocated towards the open positions. If the minimum margin level is breached, the system will automatically block further funds. Incase investor does not have sufficient funds in his/her account, the position will be squared off.
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    • What is the minimum amount to invest in the OFS?

      The minimum quantity in an OFS is one, and the minimum amount required to be invested is the floor price determined by the company. For Instance, If the floor price set by company 'X' is ₹100, then the minimum amount required to bid is ₹100 (1 ...
    • What happens if the margin requirement increases?

      In the event that the margin requirement is increased, the investor will need to bring in additional funds towards the open position, failing which the position will be squared off.
    • Does FYERS provide collateral margin against holdings/securities?

      Yes, we do provide collateral margin against your holdings, i.e., stocks, ETFs, and MFs. You can pledge your holdings for collateral margins, which will be credited into your trading account after a deduction of a certain percentage or haircut.  ...
    • How much margin would be blocked for futures trading?

      Margin requirement differs from one scrip to another.  You can check the margin requirements in our Margin Calculator.
    • What is a Daily Margin Statement?

      As per exchange regulations, we send the daily margin statement to every client’s registered email address. This daily margin statement is in the format prescribed by SEBI. The margin statement is sent with the intention of informing a client what ...