Handling Intraday F&O Positions at FYERS: What to Expect

What happens if my intraday F&O positions aren't closed by end of day?

Not square off open positions by the end of the day can lead to specific consequences. Here's what you need to know:
  • Auto Square-off by RMS: If your intraday F&O positions remain open, our Risk Management System (RMS) will take action. For segments like Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodities, the auto square-off process begins 15 minutes before market closure.
  • Flexibility in Square-off Timings: Keep in mind that the exact timing of intraday square-offs can be altered. We adjust this based on risk management measures that prioritise safeguarding our clients' interests.
  • Carry Forward of Open Positions: Sometimes, positions might remain open due to external factors like internet glitches, circuit limits on specific scrips, or issues on the Exchange's end. In such cases:
    • Equity positions will be treated as CNC (Cash and Carry).
    • Positions in F&O, Currency, and Commodity Derivatives will be categorised as Margin and carried over to the next trading session.
  • Client's Responsibility: If a position is carried forward, the onus is on you, the client, to square it off. If your account doesn't have the necessary margins to support these positions, you'll need to deposit the required funds. If you don't, our RMS team has the authority to close these positions without prior notice.
For a comprehensive understanding of how we handle margins and other related matters, we recommend reading our blog post on "FYERS – Margin Policies."