What does QVT mean in the FYERS 2.0 app?

What does QVT mean in the FYERS 2.0 app?

Quality Valuation and Technicals are the different parameters set using the fundamentals, technicals and historical performance of each individual stocks. Generally, the scores are assigned between 0-100 where a score of over 50 is considered good and a score under 30 is considered bad. A score between 30-50 is considered average/neutral.
  1. Quality: Quality Score indicates good and consistent financial performance: stable revenues, profits, cash flows and low debt.
  2. Valuation: A High Valuation Score indicates the stock is competitively priced at current P/E, P/BV and share price.
  3. Technicals: A High Momentum Score indicates the stock is seeing buyer demand, and is bullish across its technicals compared to the rest of the stock universe. The score for each element of the QVT score indicates the following:

For instance, Mr. Sid wishes to invest in the Coal India equity. However, he is still determining when to invest. The QVT metrics of Coal India is as below:

  1. The Quality score of Coal India is 68 out of 100, which means the company is doing well financially.
  2. The Valuation score is 69 out of 100, which means the stock is available at a fair valuation.
  3. The Technical score is 49 out of 100. It means the price strength is moderate or neutral.
Overall, Coal India is a stock with good fundamentals and valuation but with moderate technicals. Based on these parameters Mr. Sid can decide whether to invest in Coal India or not.

Note: The parameters with which QVT scores are computed is proprietary to FYERS.

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