Understanding the Color Code Logic in Fyers Journal: Profit and Loss Visualization

What do the color shades in Fyers Journal indicate?

In Fyers Journal, the color shades are indicative of trading performance. Shades of red depict losses, with deeper red tones signifying larger losses. Conversely, shades of green represent profits, with darker greens indicating higher profits. Grey is used to denote non-trading days or weekends.

For instance, if the highest loss is Rs 10,000 and the highest profit is Rs 20,000, a ratio scale of {-10,000 : 0 : +20,000} is established. This scale is divided into four buckets for both loss and profit.
For losses, the division is as follows:
  • 0 to -2,500: Pale red (Melon)
  • -2,501 to -5,000: Red (Red)
  • -5,001 to -7,500: Dark red (Fire engine red)
  • -7,501 to -10,000: Deepest red (Penn red)

For profits, the segmentation is:
  • 0 to 5,000: Pale green (Tea green)
  • 5,001 to 10,000: Green (Dark Pastel green)
  • 10,001 to 15,000: Dark green (Pigment green)
  • 15,001 to 20,000: Darkest Green (Dark spring green)

A loss of ₹2,000 will be represented by pale red, while a profit of ₹17,000 will be indicated by the darkest green. If a user has only placed orders without closing any trades, resulting in unrealized Profit and Loss (P&L), the color coding is based on the total order count, represented by shades of Purple.

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