What are the lot sizes in Currency and Cross-Currency Derivatives?

What are the lot sizes in Currency and Cross-Currency Derivatives?

Unlike Equity F&O, the quantity in the currency and cross-currency derivatives contracts are to be entered in lots.

For instance, if you wish to Buy 20000 Qty in a EURINR contract, you can just enter 20 in the quantity section of the order window as each lot of EURINR consists of 1000 Qty Euros. Therefore, 20000/1000 = 20 Lots.

Below is the table of the Currency and Cross-Currency pairs along with their lot sizes:


Lot Size


1000 Qty USD


1000 Qty GBP


1000 Qty EUR


100000 Qty JPY


1000 Qty EUR


1000 Qty GBP


1000 Qty USD


You can check the margin required of all the above-mentioned currency pairs here
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