What are the hotkeys/shortcut keys for FYERS Next?

What are the hotkeys/shortcut keys for FYERS Next?

For more productive use of FYERS Next platform we can use various keyboard shortcuts. The hotkeys are as follows with their effect.

MarketWatch: When you are on the market watch window, you can use these hotkeys to view the live prices and other details of the scrips you want to trade. You can also execute orders, check option chains, snap quotes, and more from this window.

DescriptionKeyGroup Name
Normal Buy OrderF1MarketWatch
Normal Sell OrderF2MarketWatch
Bracket Buy OrderSHIFT+F3MarketWatch
Bracket Sell OrderSHIFT+F4MarketWatch
Cover Buy OrderSHIFT+F1MarketWatch
Cover Sell OrderSHIFT+F2MarketWatch
Scrip PropertiesSHIFT+F7MarketWatch
Add SeparatorINSERTMarketWatch
SnapQuoteDouble ClickMarketWatch
Delete ScripDELETEMarketWatch
Cut ScripCTRL+XMarketWatch
Paste ScripsCTRL+VMarketWatch
Option ChainCTRL+SHIFT+OMarketWatch
MultiLeg OrderCTRL+SHIFT+F1MarketWatch
Spread BluCTRL+SHIFT+CMarketWatch
Scrip SearchCTRL+SMarketWatch
Restore GroupsCTRL+NMarketWatch
Save GroupsCTRL+MMarketWatch
SOR Sell OrderCTRL+F4MarketWatch
SOR Buy OrderCTRL+F3MarketWatch
AMO Sell OrderCTRL+F2MarketWatch
AMO Buy OrderCTRL+F1MarketWatch
Copy ScripsCTRL+CMarketWatch
Basket OrderCTRL+BMarketWatch
Sell BluCTRL+ALT+SMarketWatch
Buy BluCTRL+ALT+BMarketWatch
Block OrderALT+KMarketWatch

OrderBook: When you are on the order book window, you can use these hotkeys to track the status and information of your orders. You can also modify or cancel your orders from this window.

DescriptionKeyGroup Name
Normal Sell OrderF2OrderBook
Normal Buy OrderF1OrderBook
Bracket Buy OrderSHIFT+F3OrderBook
Bracket Sell OrderSHIFT+F4OrderBook
SOR Buy OrderCTRL+F3OrderBook
SOR Sell OrderCTRL+F4OrderBook
Modify OrderSHIFT+F2OrderBook
Cancel OrderSHIFT+F1OrderBook

Global: These hotkeys are available at any time on the FYERS Next platform. They allow you to access various features and functions that are not tied to any specific window. You can check your trade book, positions, holdings, alerts, reports, margins, limits, and more from this group.

DescriptionKeyGroup Name
Scrip AlertSHIFT+F11Global
Watch GroupsF4Global
Lock AppCTRL+WGlobal
Docked WindowsCTRL+TABGlobal
View LimitsCTRL+SHIFT+VGlobal
Update LimitsCTRL+SHIFT+UGlobal
Report GeneratorCTRL+SHIFT+RGlobal
Change PasswordCTRL+SHIFT+F9Global
MultiLeg OrderBookCTRL+SHIFT+F3Global
Entity ManagerCTRL+EGlobal
Dealer Net PositionsALT+F6Global
Alert WindowALT+AGlobal

OrderEntry: When you are on the order entry window (Buy/Sell Panel), you can use these hotkeys to enter the details of your orders such as quantity, price, product type, validity, etc. You can also use tools such as market depth, amount to quantity calculator, and order margin from this window.

DescriptionKeyGroup Name
Market DepthSHIFT+VOrderEntry
AmtToQty CalculatorALT+QOrderEntry
Order MarginALT+MOrderEntry

TradeBook: When you are on the trade book window, you can use these hotkeys to track the details and status of your executed trades. You can also modify your fills from this window.

DescriptionKeyGroup Name
Modify FillCTRL+F2TradeBook

Blu Book: When you are on the blu book window, you can use these hotkeys to view and manage your blu orders. Blu orders are special orders that let you execute large trades in a smart and efficient way.

Modify BluSHIFT+F2Blu Book
Reassign Blu To SelfSHIFT+FBlu Book
Reassign BluSHIFT+ABlu Book
Create LineSEMICOLONBlu Book
Cancel BluDELETEBlu Book
Blu SummaryCTRL+XBlu Book
Blu UploadCTRL+UBlu Book
View LinesCTRL+SHIFT+NBlu Book
Create Spread BluCTRL+SHIFT+CBlu Book
Create Algo LineCTRL+SEMICOLONBlu Book
Accept New FIXWO BluCTRL+SBlu Book
Create Manual FillCTRL+NBlu Book
Create Sell BluCTRL+ALT+SBlu Book
Manual Fill UploadCTRL+ALT+NBlu Book
Create Buy BluCTRL+ALT+BBlu Book

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