What are the different options screeners available in Fyers?

What are the different options screeners available in Fyers?

The screeners in InstaOptions is specifically designed for options traders. You can scan and identify options contracts based on Open Interest (OI) data, volume, implied volatility, etc. The different screeners available in the platform are:
  1. Long Build Up: In this screener, you can view the stocks where traders are either buying more call options or writing more put options, anticipating an increase in the stock's price. It indicates a bullish sentiment, pointing towards an expected rise in stock prices.

  1. Short Build Up: Browse the list of stocks where traders are either writing more call options or buying more put options, signaling their anticipation of a decline in the stock's price. This trend signifies a bearish sentiment, hinting at a potential drop in stock prices.

  1. Short Covering: This screener helps you examine the stocks where traders are buying back previously written call options or selling off their open put option positions. Such actions suggest a belief that the stock price might not continue its downward trajectory, indicating a possible increase in the stock prices.

  1. Long Unwinding: Review the stocks where traders are selling off their previously purchased call options or buying back written put options. These activities hint at the sentiment that there might not be further significant gains in the stock price, aligning with an expected decrease in stock prices.

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