Applicable Charges on Verified P&L Access and Sharing with FYERS

What are the applicable charges for verified P&L?

Accessing and sharing your verified Profit & Loss (P&L) statement is entirely free of charge. We don't impose any fees for this service. However, you must have an active FYERS account to utilize this feature.

For guidance on how to share your verified P&L, refer to this article.

If you're yet to open a Demat Account with us, you can do so here.
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    • Does verified P&L on FYERS include brokerage and other charges?

      No, the verified P&L on FYERS showcases your gross profit or loss from trades and does not account for brokerage or other related charges. Its primary purpose is to offer a clear understanding of your trading performance before deducting any ...
    • What is verified P&L?

      Verified P&L stands for Verified Profit and Loss, which provides an authentic and precise reflection of your trading performance. This data is obtained directly from the 'My Account' section, ensuring its accuracy. It offers a unique feature where ...
    • Who can generate the verified P&L?

      If you're a FYERS user with historical trading activity on our platform, you're all set to use our Verified P&L feature! Just log in to the My Account portal and generate your verified P&L.
    • How trustworthy is the verified P&L?

      Rest assured, the data shared through our verified P&L feature is entirely accurate and trustworthy. All information is fetched directly from the broker's backend and is then populated into the shared URL - This direct ...
    • Can I only share my day's P&L using Fyers verified P&L?

      Of course! With FYERS Verified P&L, you have the flexibility to share your daily, weekly, and monthly P&L. Plus, you can generate a Verified P&L for custom date ranges to share specific periods of your trading performance. For example, Shrini, a ...