What are IPFT charges?

What are IPFT charges?

IPFT stands for Investor Protection Fund Trust, which is a fund created by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to protect the interests of investors in case of default by trading members or clearing members. The fund is used to compensate investors for any losses arising from the failure of trading members or clearing members to fulfill their obligations.

The NSE levies a charge on every trade executed on its platform to contribute to the IPFT fund. The charge is called IPFT charge and it varies depending on the segment and product type. The IPFT charge is applicable to both buy and sell transactions and it is deducted from the gross turnover value of the trade.

NSE Segment
IPFT Charges
Equity Intraday
₹10 per crore
Equity Delivery
₹10 per crore
Equity Futures
₹10 per crore
Equity Options
₹50 per crore
Currency Futures
₹0.5 per lakh
Currency Options
₹2 per lakh

For example, if you buy 100 shares of Reliance Industries at ₹2000 per share and sell them at ₹2100 per share on the same day, your gross turnover value will be ₹4,10,000. The IPFT charge for this trade will be ₹0.041 (4,10,000 x 10 / 1,00,00,00,000).

You can view the IPFT charges in your contract note along with other charges such as brokerage, exchange transaction charges, clearing charges, GST, stamp duty, etc. You can also use our Brokerage calculator to calculate the exact charges for your trades.

For more details, refer to this circular.

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