Understanding Closed-Ended Funds or Schemes

What are closed-ended funds/schemes in mutual funds?

Closed-Ended Funds or Schemes are specific types of mutual fund schemes that are available for subscription only during a designated timeframe, often referred to as the New Fund Offer (NFO) period. They come with a predetermined maturity date, typically ranging from 3 to 5 years. Unlike open-ended funds, once the NFO period is over, new subscriptions aren't accepted. However, post NFO, these funds are generally listed on stock exchanges, enabling investors to buy or sell units in the secondary market. Some closed-ended funds also provide an option for periodic repurchase, allowing investors to sell units back to the mutual fund at NAV related prices, offering them a potential exit strategy.
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    • What is the benefit of open-ended funds/schemes?

      These funds/schemes offer liquidity to the investors.
    • What does repurchase price mean in mutual funds?

      In the context of mutual funds, the repurchase price refers to the rate at which a closed-ended scheme buys back its units from investors. The repurchase price might be equivalent to the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV), or it could be slightly less if ...
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