Mutual Fund Charges on FYERS Platform

What are charges applicable for investing in mutual funds?

At FYERS, we aim to maintain transparency in all our financial dealings. Here's a breakdown of the charges related to mutual funds:
  • Purchase Costs: Buying Direct Mutual Funds with FYERS is completely FREE.
  • Selling Charges: Upon selling your mutual fund holdings, DP charges amounting to ₹12.5 plus GST will apply. No additional charges will be levied beyond this.
  • Expense Ratio Details: To gain insights into the expense ratio of specific mutual funds:
    • Log into Fyers Direct.
    • Navigate to your desired mutual fund.
    • Click on ‘Details’ to view the expense ratio associated with that fund.
If you're new to the world of mutual funds and wish to open a Demat account with FYERS, click here to get started.

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