What are alerts in the order panel?

What are alerts in the order panel?

The alerts option in the order window has been introduced to keep a check on your trading patterns and risk management. There are four options for setting alerts, namely:

  1. Price
  2. Stop-loss
  3. Value
  4. Max Loss

Price: In this box, you need to enter the percentage of the LTP, where you’ll get a message once you try to place the order above or below the set percentage. This feature further helps to discipline your trading methods.

Stop-loss: In this box, you need to enter the percentage of stop-loss, where you’ll be notified once you try to place the order with the stop loss above the set percentage.

Value: Here, you need to enter the max value per order. You'll be notified once the order value crosses the max value entered in the alerts. This function will help you manage your trades effectively.

Max Loss: Similar to the Stop-loss function, you’ll be notified when your order crosses the max loss amount set in the alerts.

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