Is TradingView secure?

Is TradingView secure?

Yes, we work very hard to ensure the secure transmission of data across all our platforms. We make sure to always be transparent and you can follow the status of the platform in real-time on a special page.
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    • Is investing in SGB a secure option?

      Yes, SGBs are a secure investment option. The RBI, representing the Government of India, issues these bonds, ensuring their authenticity and safety. As an investment, SGBs are a preferable alternative to owning physical gold, with the added advantage ...
    • What browsers does TradingView support?

      TradingView is compatible with all modern browsers, and also has both a Desktop and Mobile app that you can download from here.
    • How to create a TradingView account?

      Go to and click the member icon in the top right-hand corner and then hit the “Sign In” button, choosing your prefered method of verification. Don’t forget to get acquainted with our community, Snaps and stock screener.
    • How to authorize E-DIS in TradingView?

      TradingView currently doesn't support the E-DIS (Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip) authorisation. This is due to the platform's inability to access the depository’s webpage where the TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) is entered ...
    • What is the procedure to access TradingView through FYERS?

      Accessing TradingView with your FYERS account involves a few straightforward steps: Login to TradingView: Start by logging in to TradingView with your registered email. Navigate to Supercharts: Move your cursor over 'Products' to trigger a dropdown ...