No Minimum Balance Requirement to Open FYERS Account

Is there a minimum balance requirement to open an account with FYERS?

No, it is not mandatory to deposit a minimum balance to open an account with FYERS. However, to start trading or investing, you will need to deposit funds from your linked bank account(s). Therefore, it's advisable to add funds at the time of opening your account. Alternatively, you can add funds after opening the account. For more details about funds, please visit our Fund Transfers page. If you want to determine the required margins for trading, you can use our Margin Calculators to assess the necessary funds for trading accordingly.
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    • Can a minor with foreign citizenship but Indian parents open a Demat account with FYERS?

      Unfortunately, a minor with foreign citizenship can't open a Demat account with FYERS. This is due to the requirement of both address proof and PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the minor account opening. Currently, only Indian citizens can open a ...
    • Can i link my salary account to my FYERS account?

      Yes, you can link your salary account to your FYERS account. A salary account is similar to a regular savings bank (SB) account, with most of the same features. The primary difference is that salary accounts are typically opened to receive salary ...
    • Can NRIs open an account with FYERS?

      Yes, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can easily set up an NRI account with FYERS, thanks to our streamlined process that minimizes paperwork. To open an NRO Non-PIS Account, you will need to provide the following documents, each duly attested by a ...
    • Can I open Demat account online at FYERS?

      Yes! If you are new to FYERS and want to open a Trading+Demat account, you can open an account online here. The Demat account opening process for existing clients is also completely online. For more details, read this article.
    • Can an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) open an account at FYERS?

      Absolutely, FYERS welcomes LLP entities to open accounts with us. However, please be aware that the process for opening an LLP account is conducted offline. Here's a breakdown of the essential steps and documents required for a successful LLP account ...