Open a Non-POA Demat Account with FYERS for Secure Trading

Is It possible to open a Non-POA demat account at FYERS?

Yes, you have the option to open a Demat account without a POA at FYERS. This arrangement necessitates the use of Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip (E-DIS) for buying and selling shares. We’ve integrated the E-DIS facility to ensure a seamless and efficient trading experience for our clients.

To gain insight into how E-DIS operates and how it differs from traditional POA-enabled accounts, you can explore our detailed blog on Demat Accounts without POA.

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    • Can I open Demat account online at FYERS?

      Yes! If you are new to FYERS and want to open a Trading+Demat account, you can open an account online here. The Demat account opening process for existing clients is also completely online. For more details, read this article.
    • What is the procedure to open a Demat account?

      If you already have a trading account with us, kindly follow the instructions given in this article. If you are new to FYERS, you can open an account here. Please note that the Demat Account does not require POA authorization and you can Buy/Sell ...
    • Can I open my minor child's account if I don't have a Demat account in FYERS?

      To initiate the process of opening a Demat account for your minor child with FYERS, you, as the guardian, must have an active Demat account with us. If you haven't set up a Demat account with FYERS yet, click here. For a detailed understanding of how ...
    • How to open a Demat account with FYERS via WhatsApp?

      If you want to open a Demat account with FYERS quickly via WhatsApp, the procedure is as below: Send a 'Hi' message to the FYERS official WhatsApp number: 9731162865 or click here to start and give your consent to proceed with the account opening ...
    • Can a minor with foreign citizenship but Indian parents open a Demat account with FYERS?

      Unfortunately, a minor with foreign citizenship can't open a Demat account with FYERS. This is due to the requirement of both address proof and PAN (Permanent Account Number) for the minor account opening. Currently, only Indian citizens can open a ...